Hello, I'm karly. 16.
My main Fandoms are
Attack On Titan,
Black Butler,
lots of youtubers,
and much more.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy that fact that you're reading this right now.
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My life is very much normal. I just happen to make some YouTube videos that people watch. Will this lead to a career in entertainment? Hopefully. Is this a great interactive resume for comedy? Hopefully. Will this affect my likelihood of ever getting another job offer on a standard career path? Definitely. I mean…have you seen the vids? Who is going to trust their documents with that?!

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a movie about two asexual aromantic best friends who have a best friend marriage for tax benefits

that does not end with a scene of swelling music and passionate kiss where they realize they really do love each other after all

It ends with a fist bump or something. I’m on board. 

but it should end with the big swell of music that makes people think they’re going for the kiss when really it’s for the fist bump ending